Chornobyl accident

The consequences of the Chernobyl accident (series of lectures).

The accident on the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant was one of the biggest technological disasters in the history of humanity. This tragic page in the history of Ukraine is close to the hearts of our Association´s members, so we consider it important to spread information about the consequences of the accident.

Juliana Mannila, the founder and an active member of the Association, was born in Kyiv (110 km away from the exploded nuclear unit of the Plant) and has three university degrees and two titles (dentist and trainer/lecturer). She has been interested in how radiation affects people and environment, for years paying special attention to radiology in her own professional studies. Right now, she is the only specialist in Finland who has been doing research on the disaster´s consequences.

The lectures provide unique materials, carefully collected during many years, with no analogues. The content of the lectures is being enriched all the time with new latest information on the issue. The contacts of the lecturer in Ukraine are health workers of every level, radiologists, biologists, chemists and physicists, some of which work at the radiology research center in Chernobyl. Mrs. Mannila has been collaborating with then during the last ten years. Her excellent knowledge of 4 languages has helped her to collect materials from different parts of the world. Her lectures provide important information about nuclear power plants of other countries, including Finland and Japan (Fukushima), as well as the newest data on the radionuclide contamination in Europe.

During the lectures you will see photos and video materials from Chernobyl. Mrs. Mannila herself visited the place of the disaster in 2009. You will hear comments to the materials, get to know the history of the accident and the present-day of Chernobyl, you will learn about the environment situation of the place, its nature, animal life and the level of contamination. Both during and at the end of the lectures, Mrs. Mannila will be glad to answer your questions.

The lecturer´s wish is to provide you with facts about Chernobyl, to show its pictures and to inform you on the current situation in the zone. The amount of the materials can be easily divided into 8 academic hours (1 academic hour being 45 minutes). The lecturer can also shorten it if the client is interested in, for example, 2 or 4 hours.

Contents of the lectures:

  • Impacts of ionizing radiation on people and environment + What to do?” in the case of radiation contamination
  • Impacts of different radiation levels
  • Ivan Puluj and Wilhelm Röntgenthe first people to detect electromagnetic radiation
  • History of the accident + photos + 3D-model
  • Chernobyl, Pripyat and Slavutych, history of the towns
  • Radiation belts + maps
  • Cleaning after the explosion (on the place of the accident) + maps + photos
  • Levels of radiation + photos
  • The Sarcophagus” (the protecting cover of the 4th reactor) + photos + 3D-models
  • The new protecting cover of the 4th reactor and the process of its building + 3D-models
  • Problems of the zone that remained unsolved
  • Present-day and future of the Exclusion zone + photos
  • The dry storage of the used nuclear fuel
  • Economic impacts of the Chernobyl accident
  • Kyiv Summit on Safe and Innovative Use of Nuclear Energy. April 2011
  • The International Scientific ConferenceTwenty-five Years from the Chernobyl Disaster. A Safe Future”. Kyiv, April 2011
  • Forest fires in Russia in the summer of 2010 and their impact on the background radiation
  • The Fukushima accident and its effects

  • Nuclear power plants in Finland + maps
  • Nuclear power plants in Ukraine + maps
  • Radiation impacts on environment + photos
  • Animal life of the Chernobyl zone + photos
  • Mutations + photos
  • Oncological effects of the accident

  • The Chernobyl EcoCenter
  • Chernobyl in literature. Films and videogames + videos
  • Radiation doses

  • From my own trip to Chernobyl + photos + videos + documents – PLENTY OF THEM!
  • Video, 10 minutes (explosion, evacuation, cleaning, building of the cover, radiation sickness and so on)

I want everyone to remember that day even after 30 years (the disaster happened on April 26, 1986).


Juliana Mannila

lecturer, dentist,

board member of the Association of Ukrainians in Finland